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Customized Package based on your specific needs.  

Call for an appointment to sit down with one of our coordinators so we may determine what you might need, where to start and give you a quote.  
Thank you for taking the time to look this over.  
Warmest ~ Team Dolce Bleu 

Wedding Day

  • Creation of wedding timeline -3 weeks prior to wedding, includes 2 meetings
  • ​Visit venue with couple 
  • ​Pre-ceremony/ceremony management 
  • Reception management 

Wedding Weekend 

  • ​Creation of wedding timeline -6 weeks prior to wedding, includes 3 meetings
  • ​Rehearsal Management 
  • Confirmation with vendors 
  • Visit venue and go over floor plan
  • Rehearsal dinner management 
  • Pre-ceremony/ceremony management 
  • Reception management 

Dolce Bleu Coordination Packages 

​It's your big day!  You've been most likely been planning this for a while.  We believe your wedding day should go as smooth as you have imagined.  We also believe to make this happen you may need some assistance.  

You have a vision and have worked hard to bring this all together.  When your day comes, we want you to enjoy it.  

Let us gather everyone and keep track of your wedding party for photos.  Let us organize your vendors and make sure the day goes smoothly.  We will also make sure all loose ends are tied up at the end of your event.  Usually these tasks are assigned to family and wedding party members, although we have heard (once or twice) there's sometimes drinking and dancing and details are forgotten.  We want you to relax and enjoy this moment.

If you want to have some champagne, let your perfect hair down and do a little dancing, we'll make sure your gifts are in the car, the caterer has all they need, the bartender stays happy and the DJ keeps the music on!  We will also make sure the clean up duties are taken care of.   

Do you need help with your gown or a steam at the event?  Help with your seating chart?  Someone to run to the store for that one thing you forgot... etc.  We would love to be there for you.  

Or - are you starting from scratch?  Don't know where to begin or how to find all those amazing ideas you've collected on  Pinterest?  Would you like someone else to go over and negotiate your contracts, schedule fittings, wrangle family or wedding party - Negotiate discounts with preferred contacts?

​Need help Locating and booking Vendors?  How about colors and Theme?  Would you like someone to organize times and book a tasting event for the Caterers and Cakes or checking out your top Venue picks?  Would you like someone to organize your Rehersal and Rehersal dinner?  How about all those invites?  Phew! So much to do.  

Don't wait until you're overwhelmed and frustrated, let us help.  You get to do this right once - enjoy it!

How about the dress??  

We have a discount for dress and coordination packages.  

Life is busy.  This moment will go by fast. Take some time, enjoy it and let us help with the chores!

Bleu Wedding Planning

Day of wedding planning!